Adnan Zoubi

RP (Qualifying)

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Adnan is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) working in a clinical setting focused on assessing and treating depressive, anxiety, and stress-based symptoms and disorders. Adnan's work focuses on targeting the root causes of symptoms through taking a deep dive into life experiences from early childhood until the present day. This is to create context, meaning, and reason for who we are today. This Jungian Psychodynamic approach aims to regulate unwanted thoughts, emotions, and behaviours through increasing self-awareness, observing, and analyzing the past and present. Adnan's philosophy is: what plus why equals how; the understanding of what the core issue is beneath all the layers and why it’s there will help us understand how to resolve it. In addition, through working on revealing unconscious thoughts and emotions from childhood until the present day, we can inform and understand who you are today and help relieve anxiety and internal tension. This will be achieved through taking a deep dive into life experiences to learn from personal insights and self-realizations through sessions. Adnan is currently working towards a doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Services Available

Abuse, Anger Management, Anxiety, Attachment, Bullying, Career Counselling, Depression, Domestic Abuse, Family, Financial Stress, Life Skills, Post-Traumatic Stress, Relationships, Sexuality, Self Confidence, Sexual Abuse, Sleep, Stress, Web-Based Services, Workplace Stress

Modality/Therapeutic Approach

Adlerian Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Relational Therapy


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