Continuing Education Credit Approval Program

Continuing education events (training, workshops, webinars, courses) are approved for Continuing Education Credits (CEC) by the OAMHP for activities that promote the development of the mental health professional in the professions of: psychotherapy, psychology, counselling, consulting and psychometry, or the development of these professions as a whole.

Granting Policy

One hour spent in a continuing education activity is equivalent to one CEC. An activity can be granted up to a maximum of 6 CEC per full day. Applications for activities that provide less than 1 CEC will not be considered. Approval for partial CECs beyond this are granted in 30-minute intervals, with each 30-minute interval of instruction and/or participation in a CE activity equivalent to 0.5 CECs.

The following list of activities is not exhaustive but representational of activities that qualify for CEC. Requests for CEC are processed on an individual basis taking into consideration the activity components and its benefits to our types of membership.

Qualifying Activities:

  1. Professional activities:
    • Professional development meetings
    • Case conferences
    • Journal discussion meetings with other peers

  2. Direct participatory activities: Participation in workshops, presentations, trainings and courses related to:
    • Psychology
    • Psychotherapy
    • Counselling
    • Psychometry
    • Consultancy (psychological in nature)
    • Psychological Assessment
    • Psychopathology
    • Psychodiagnostics
    • Ethics & Conducts of Practice
    • Foundational areas of psychology (biological, cognitive, social and individual)
    • Research design, methodology and statistics
    • Personality and individual differences
    • Intervention planning, techniques and strategies
    • Developmental psychology
    • Psychopharmacology
    • Safe and Effective Use of Self
    • Human and Cultural Diversity
    • Administration and Management directly linked to clinical practice:
      • Workshops addressing the administrative aspect of clinical practice would be eligible for CEC provided they are not promoting or advertising a specific software or service provider (administrative, management or marketing service providers that provide service for fee).

Non qualifying for CEC:

  1. Networking activities: social activities which do not involve a learning component
  2. Personal therapy: including group therapy, participation in addiction treatment (including peer support groups) or individual/couple counselling (even if included as part of a professional program).

Such activities are laudable and recognized as beneficial for the individual as well as the professions. They are not, however, considered consistent with the goals of professional development in, or advancement of, the mental health professional.

Granting CEC and Accepting CEC are two different processes. Activities that are not approved for CECs through this program may still be accepted as part of an OAMHP certified member’s certification renewal. Deciding on activities acceptable for certification falls within the responsibility of Certification committee.

When approval is granted for a one-time CE event or activity, the approval applies to that activity only, and does not apply to other or subsequent CE activities that may be offered by the same individual, group, or organization. The approval period lasts for 2 years from the time approval is granted. The CE activity may be run multiple times within that time frame provided the activity does not change in any fundamental way.

The OAMHP reserves the right to request additional information from an applicant to fully confirm that all criteria have been met.

Approval does not extend to any other CE activity the provider might offer. In granting its approval, the OAMHP assumes no legal or financial obligations to providers or to those individuals who might participate in a provider’s CE activities or programs. Further, responsibility for the content, provision, and delivery of any CE event or activity approved by the OAMHP remains that of the CE activity provider.

Upon approval, the provider may use the OAMHP stamp of approval on any advertising for approved activities. When describing the CE activity in advertising or promotional materials, please state:

"Participation in this workshop allows OAMHP members to apply X hours (CECs) towards their required continuing education hours. OAMHP does not endorse this training or the training provider."

Advertising must include all information for participants, including learning objectives, schedule, cost, and CE credits. The description must include a clear statement of intended audience of the activity. 

It is the responsibility of the CE activity provider to provide, monitor, and document CECs. CEC certificates are the responsibility of the provider who must provide documentation of completion of CECs to their activity participants.

The provider is required to collect feedback data from participants following the facilitation of OAMHP-approved activities

    1. Data should include feedback regarding:
      1. Overall quality of the facilitators
      2. Overall quality of the content
      3. How well the promotional material matched the learning objectives
      4. Overall learning outcomes

The provider is not required to submit data after each activity, but will make this data available to the OAMHP upon request.

Sharing your CE activity with OAMHP members

CEC and PD Marketing Packages 2020Premium 
Email Blast promotion to members and subscribers$225
Listing in the Mental Health Marketplace$325
Psychologica Magazine - Published 2X Year
*confirm timing of publication and timing of CEC Event
2 Editions1 Edition
Full Page$650$425
Half Page$375$225
Quarter Page$250$150
Facebook / Social Media Mentions$125
Mental Health Marketplace Premium Listing - Annual$325
Mental Health Marketplace Standard Listing - Annual$215
Mental Health Awareness Campaigns, case-by-caseTBD

Does your conference, workshop, or course qualify for OAMHP continuing education credits?


The OAMHP invites you to request CECs with our Association.

After receipt of the fully completed CEC application form and administration fee of $50.00, allocation of CECs will be determined by the Professional Development Committee.

If you have questions about the process or you wish to apply for multiple courses or workshops, please contact