Professional Development

The OAMHP is committed to providing our members with valuable, engaging and relevant professional development opportunities. We offer a range of professional development opportunities to keep you updated on changes and advancements made in the field of mental health care. These opportunities include webinars, workshops, the Annual Conference & AGM, as well as networking groups throughout various regions of Ontario.

Many of the professional development events offered through the OAMHP qualify for continuing education credits!

Annual Conference & General Meeting

The Annual Conference is our biggest professional development event of the year. This multi-day event is a chance for mental health professionals to gather and participate in engaging, timely and relevant workshops delivered by industry leaders. Reduced rates are available to all members of the OAMHP.

We are excited to host the 41st Annual Conference & AGM on September 20th-21st, 2019 in Downtown Toronto!

2019 brochure

Theme: Trauma, Resilience, and Adaptability

Take a look at our past Conferences!

Regional Networking Groups

The OAMHP offers regional networking groups across Toronto, Hamilton, London, and the Simcoe area. Regional Networking Groups connect you with other members and expand your professional network by allowing members to meet, share, and exchange ideas in a supportive environment. 

Regional Networking groups meet as often as they'd like and set their own meeting agendas. The OAMHP will provide the support required to help facilitate the creation, growth and development of the group.

You can contact services-coordinator@oamhp.ca to learn more about Regional Networking Groups and to request to join a group!

OAMHP Webinar Series

OAMHP webinars provide members with a convenient and affordable way of continuing their education through online video-conferencing.

Visit our News and Events page, or our social media channels, to see upcoming webinars and to register!

Interested in delivering a webinar?


The OAMHP accepts webinar submissions on a rolling basis. We invite members and non-members to apply today!

In your application, please include a description of the topic and a structured outline for a 1-hour presentation, as well as a current CV. Topics are selected to address timely, relevant and engaging information in the rapidly changing field of mental health. Please also indicate a preferred month to deliver your webinar from our office in Toronto. 

Contact services-coordinator@oamhp.ca to submit a request!

Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Education Credits (CEC) are granted by the OAMHP for activities that promote the development of the participant in one of the four identified professions of the organization: Counselling, Consulting, Psychometry or Psychotherapy, or the development of these professions as a whole.

One hour spent in a continuing education activity is equivalent to one CEC.

The following list of activities is not exhaustive but representative of activities which would qualify or not qualify for CECs.

Qualifying activities

  • Participation in peer supervision or supervision by a qualified professional or provision of supervision to new members;
  • Participation in workshops or presentations related to one of the four identified professions; or related activity and structured coursework in one of the four identified professions or related subject matter including online activities; or,
  • Participation in research activities, governance committees for professional associations or colleges related to one of the four identified professions.

Activities which do not qualify

  • Networking activities that do not involve a learning component;
  • Personal therapy, including group therapy, participation in addiction treatment (including peer support groups) or individual/couple counselling (even if included as part of a professional program); or
  • Training in non-counselling/psychotherapy related issues: such as training in administrative issues, file management, or financial management even should such issues touch upon the provision of professional services.

These activities are encouraged and recognized as beneficial for the individual; they are not, however, considered consistent with the goals of professional development.

Does your conference, workshop, or course qualify for OAMHP continuing education credits?


The OAMHP invites you to request CECs with our Association.

After receipt of the fully completed CEC application form and administration fee of $50.00, allocation of CECs will be determined by the Professional Development Committee.

Download the Request Form!

Email the completed form to services-coordinator@oamhp.ca

Share Your Insights in Psychologica Magazine!

Have you had an interesting observation or idea that you have noticed about a particular element within your professional work?

If you're looking to have your work published, members have the opportunity to contribute to Psychologica magazine. This presents a great opportunity to have your work read by other industry professionals across the province.

Psychologica is published bi-annually; and is put together by members and staff of the OAMHP. Each edition features an exciting collection of articles written by, and for, members of the OAMHP.  As a member, you will receive an electronic copy of each edition through our Pulse e-newsletter.

Members can access the latest and past editions of the magazine by logging on to their OAMHP account and navigating to the "Association Resources" section.