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Existing OAMHP Members: Please visit the Member's Portal to renew your membership.

Becoming a member of a professional association like the OAMHP is a choice. And we don’t take it for granted that you will choose to join the more than 3000 mental health professionals who call the OAMHP their “Professional Home”. For almost 50 years we have been supporting our members by building a sense of belonging and community amongst peers and colleagues, by making a mark on the public policy landscape, and by offering incomparable benefits, resources, and professional supports. We are growing in numbers and impact – and would like to add you to our ranks!

What Sets OAMHP Apart – We are More than Insurance

Like other professional associations, we provide you with professional liability insurance, continuing education opportunities, and other benefits such as discounts to professional development workshops, fitness clubs. And, like (some) other professional associations, we pride ourselves on the advocacy work we do on behalf of mental health professionals in Ontario. But we are much more than this.

Membership Categories

The OAMHP offers several different categories of membership depending on the criteria. Membership categories consist of:

In order to be eligible for general membership, the applicant must:

  • Have graduate standing (master’s degree, doctorate or equivalent) in a course of study related to mental health from an accredited institution.


  • Be registered as a member with one of the regulatory colleges authorized to practice psychotherapy and/or offer mental health services.

In this category you must hold ONE of the following:

  • a four-year diploma from a private training institute in a specific modality of psychotherapy;
  • a post-secondary degree or diploma related to mental health from an accredited college or university (two or three-year diploma or three or four-year degree).

Affiliate members must be supervised by an eligible supervisor to access the group liability insurance.

In this category you must be:

Retired members are members who no longer practice in a professional capacity and who are no longer professionally engaged in any other related discipline.

Continued membership presumes an ongoing commitment to the ethical and professional standards of the OAMHP, particularly with respect to any volunteer work the member may undertake.

Access to Liability Insurance for retired status, for continuation following the ending of practice, is offered.

Members who are considering retirement may keep their membership at a reduced rate of $86.00 for the first five years and only $25 thereafter.

Note: Retired members must have ceased all professional activities surrounding their mental health practice.

To apply: Contact

Application Information

The OAMHP membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st. Renewal payments are to be made on or before December 31st. Any membership fee not paid by December 31st will incur a late fee of $25. Any unpaid membership as of February 28th will be cancelled.


  • Masters Degree/Transcripts
  • CV/Resume
  • Regulated College Certificate (if applicable)


  • Undergraduate Degree/Transcripts
  • Diploma/Transcripts
  • CV/Resume
  • Supervisory Letter (if applicable)


    • For General and Affiliate application, a non-refundable administration fee of $45.00 is required upon submitting your application. This payment can be made online through the application, E-Transfer, or cheque.


    • Upon submitting your application, payment, and documents, please allow 7-10 business days to review and process your membership application.


    • Documents can be uploaded online via your membership application. All documents and the administration fee must be received before an application can be processed.


  • The full membership fee must be received upon notice of approval before the membership process is completed.

Existing OAMHP Members

Membership Fees

Affiliate Membership

$211 per year*
  • *Plus a $45 one-time administration fee upon submission.

General Membership

$211 per year*
  • *Plus a $45 one-time administration fee upon submission.

Student Member

$75 / $25 per year
  • $75 per year. This fee applies to students who will be accessing insurance.
    $25 per year. This fee applies to students who will NOT be accessing insurance.