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There are so many reasons to join the OAMHP!

Membership offers you the opportunity to join a professional network of mental health practitioners and leverage a wide variety of comprehensive tools to support you as a mental health professional.

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Membership Categories

The OAMHP offers several different categories of membership depending on the criteria. Membership categories consist of: 

  • general members;
  • affiliate members; 
  • student members; and,
  • retired members

General Membership

In order to be eligible for general membership, the applicant must:

  • Have graduate standing (master’s degree, doctorate or equivalent) in a course of study related to mental health from an accredited institution


  • Be registered as a member with one of the regulatory colleges authorized to practice psychotherapy and/or offer mental health services.


Student Membership

In this category you must be:

  • currently enrolled in full-time studies in a masters-level program related to mental health at an accredited institution.

Student members must be supervised by an eligible supervisor to access the group liability insurance.

Affiliate Membership

In this category you must hold ONE of the following:

  • a four-year diploma from a private training institute in a specific modality of psychotherapy;
  • a post-secondary degree or diploma related to mental health from an accredited college or university (two or three-year diploma or three or four-year degree).

Affiliate members must be supervised by an eligible supervisor to access the group liability insurance.

Retired Membership

Retired members are members who no longer practice in a professional capacity and who are no longer professionally engaged in any other related discipline.

  • Continued membership presumes an ongoing commitment to the
    ethical and professional standards of the OAMHP, particularly with respect to any volunteer work the member may undertake.
  • Access to Liability Insurance for retired status, for continuation following the ending of practice, is offered.

Membership Benefits

Insurance Options

Preferred Liability Insurance Coverage

The OAMHP national Liability Insurance program exceeds all industry requirements; has no deductible; and includes abuse, general liability coverage, and free legal advice. McFarlan Rowlands offers online renewals where members can choose their coverage, renew their policy and receive their certificate and receipt within minutes.

Home & Auto Insurance Coverage

Members receive rates below the standard market, 0% financing and access to the free legal, health, and mortgage expert assistance hotline. You also have access to Aviva Auto Assist! This service provides auto repair assistance, appraisal service as well as safety tips and advice.

Extended Health Benefits Coverage

As a mental health professional, you know that being healthy is more than a good diet and exercise. Part of well being is feeling secure, knowing that you and your family are protected. As a member of the OAMHP, you have access to an insurance broker that can customize your extended health benefits insurance to better meet your unique needs at prices not normally available to the public.

CAA Member

Are you a driver in Ontario? The OAMHP is pleased to announce a new benefit for our members. You can now join the CAA and enjoy the safety and security they provide wherever you travel at a special rate. Already a CAA Member? You can convert your plan to the OAMHP group rate, no hassles. The CAA offers a wide range of perks, hotel discounts, merchandise, plus home and travel insurance too. 

Visit the Member Portal for details.

Professional Development

The Essentials of CBT from the Beck Institute

Learn CBT from the home of cognitive behaviour therapy - The Beck Institute. OAMHP members are eligible for a discount of $100 USD off the cost of Beck's online Essentials of CBT course.

15% off Regular SickKids CCMH Learning Institute Workshops

SickKids CCMH, Learning Institute, offers advanced training to those who work in a variety of mental health professions and invite leaders in the field of mental health to present relevant evidence-based training programs.

10% off IFSCA’s (the Internal Family Systems Counselling Association) comprehensive IFS Training Program: Stepping Stone

Stepping Stone is a 16 week online program, 3 hours/week with cohorts starting at various times in January that will teach you all you need to be able to introduce the model into your practice. Completion of the Stepping Stone course is also a prerequisite for the online Broader Clinical Applications course offered by the Adler Graduate Professional School, leading to the Certificate in Applied Internal Family Systems Therapy.

New Sliding Scale for Leading Edge webinars

  • Support: This option is for those having a difficult time financially right now: enter the code Support-OAMHP to receive 25% off all webinars.
  • Sustain: If you able to sustain yourself financially during this difficult time, please consider this option to cover the operational costs and help us keep the lights on while delivering our trainings: enter the code Sustain-OAMHP to receive 15% off all webinars.
  • Paying it Forward: If your practice is booming and you have not been financially impacted, please consider paying it forward by paying the regular rate. It supports the subsidized rates for those who are not doing as well and allows us to continue offering the Virtual Lunches and Townhall Meetings for free. No discount offered but please help us by entering code Champs-OAMHP

To view all Fall/Winter upcoming webinars and archived On Demand webinars, click the button below:

Note! All live webinars are recorded! Registrants will be sent links to access both Live and Recorded versions.

Become Certified with the OAMHP

Certification by OAMHP recognizes the aptitudes, knowledge and skills of the mental health professional. Certified members have the opportunity to be listed on our Associations' Certified Member Profile list. This tool is available to the general public and can help your practices gain more exposure.

Applicants must be a general member with the OAMHP and hold a graduate degree from a recognized university, with an emphasis on psychology, counselling and other behavioural sciences related to the mental health field.

Exclusive Perks is both a trusted OAMHP resource directory to find professionals to refer both our members and the public to, AND provide a discount offer to our members. Refer To Me is a B2B Canadian health technology company based in Toronto. It was founded by an Ontario-based psychologist who, after thirty years in private practice, recognized the need for mental health, allied health, and Medical Doctors to have a common space in which to network and refer to one another. Refer To Me allows professionals to sign up for a membership that is best suited for each of them. Mental health and allied health professionals may sign up to either grow their practice or lighten their workload (refer out only).

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Take 10% Off Intelligent Office Packages

Intelligent Office offers office spaces designed specifically with you in mind across Ontario!

On-demand meeting space, professional address services, phone reception, appointment scheduling, reminder calls, customer support (including CRM) and more! Only pay for what you need, when you need it.

They will learn your exact needs, then match them with their resources.

Not only are you getting the customized services you need, as an OAMHP member, but you will also get 10% off of your entire package value!

Log on to your OAMHP account for more information on how to access this discount!

Free Subscription to the OAMHP's Psychologica Magazine

The Psychologica magazine is a bi-annual publication put together by members and staff of the OAMHP. Each edition features an exciting collection of research and insight from mental health professionals. As a member, you will receive an electronic copy of each edition through our Pulse e-newsletter.

If you're looking to have your work published, members have the opportunity to contribute to Psychologica. This presents a great opportunity to have your work read by other industry professionals across the province!

Members can access the latest edition of the magazine by logging on to their OAMHP account and navigating to the "Association Resources" section.

GoodLife Fitness Discount Program for OAMHP Members

The OAMHP recognizes the importance of physical health in contributing to overall mental wellness. That's why we have partnered with GoodLife Fitness to offer OAMHP members the opportunity to access GoodLife Fitness clubs across Canada at a discounted rate! Register here! Register here!

Access to The Pulse E-Newsletter Every Week

The Pulse is an e-newsletter delivered exclusively to OAMHP members via their email inbox. This newsletter keeps members abreast of important announcements, workshops, regional networking events and so much more!

Inclusion in the Find a Professional Directory

We are proud to offer our members the opportunity to promote their practice on our Find a Professional directory. This directory is accessible to the general public and can be used to provide prospective clients with an overview of your services and a link to your website.

20% Off an OnCall License

Expand the reach of your practice for new and existing patients. OnCall makes setup as convenient as picking up the phone and hosting as effective as most in-person visits.

Discount Details: OAMHP members get 20% off an OnCall license, which includes a 1-month risk-free trial.

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**New** VirtualCare Discount

This platform, designed by Think Research, is an Ontario Telemedicine Network Vendor of Record. VirtualCare makes it easy for mental health professionals to facilitate secure virtual visits with their clients via desktop or smartphone app.

Discount Details: OAMHP members will be able to access this platform for $10 a month with the first two months free.

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Application Information

Complete the online membership application form.

  • You will be prompted to include the required documents (photocopies accepted):
  •  A non-refundable administration fee of $45.00 is required upon submitting your application. This payment can be made by credit card, cheque or E-Transfer.

Upon submitting your application, payment, and documents, please allow 7-10 business days to review and process your membership application. 

Documents can be uploaded through the online membership application form or can be sent to the OAMHP office by mail, email or fax.

All documents and the administration fee must be received before an application can be processed. The full membership fee must be received upon notice of approval before the membership process is completed.

Membership Fees

Affiliate Membership

$203 per year*

General Membership

$203 per year*

Student Member (enrolled in a program/completing a practicum)

$80 per year**

*Plus a $45.00 one-time administration fee upon submission.

**$45.00 administration fee is included in the student price

The OAMHP membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st. Renewal payments are to be made on or before December 31st. Any membership fee not paid by December 31st will incur a late fee of $25. Any unpaid membership as of February 28th will be cancelled.