Supervision: The Evolution of Practice

2nd Annual: Supervision: The Evolution of Practice.

Online workshop series for those in the psychotherapy field, focused on all things supervision.

Supervision: the Evolution of Practice is an online workshop series for mental health professionals engaged in or wishing to engage in a supervisory relationship, spanning all stages of career progression:

  • Clinical supervisors who are new to supervision - and those who have experience as supervisors
  • Students and supervisees who engage in or wish to engage in supervision
  • It brings together OAMHP members, non-members, and various stakeholders to build connection and that provides clear direction and best practices in clinical supervision.

Date: June 20-27

Time:  Various times

Location: Online Workshops


Workshop Descriptions

June 20 - Developing your Identity as a Supervisor
Kayleen Edwards & Jennifer Lane
Thursday June 20, 2024

This workshop focuses on encouraging supervisors to explore their values as clinicians and mentors, and develop an applied approach to supervision.
This workshop can be part of the Validated Supervisor application process.

  1. Identify your own values and identity as a supervisor
  2. Develop your applied approach to supervision, using OAMHP’s Validated Supervisor template
  3. Understand how to structure supervision
    • - Evaluation of skills
    • - Structure of supervision meetings
    • - Record keeping
  4. Understand your gaps in knowledge and areas for improvement through the OAMHP’s Self-Assessment Tool

June 20 - Setting up Productive Supervisory Relationships Post-Grad
Kayleen Edwards & Jennifer Lane
Thursday June 20, 2024

This interactive workshop allows new clinicians to explore their own identity and values as a clinician. Case studies provide examples of supervisory relationships to help understand style, needs, wants, and values.

  1. Develop a strong sense of clinical identity and values
  2. Understand your own values as a clinician and apply that to the supervisory relationship
    • Learn the role of clinical supervision, and how to choose a supervisor based on your own values and theirs
    • Interpersonal dynamics within supervision
  1. Understand CRPO requirements, including ethics and standards
  2.  Learn how to navigate other supervisory situations such as joining a group practice
    • Understanding contracts
    • Your rights as an independent contractor

June 21 - What to Talk About in Supervision: A “Look-For” Approach Using CRPO’s Entry-to-Practice Competency Profile
Marian Moon
Friday June 21, 2024

In this highly engaging workshop, attendees will review the general concept of “look-fors”, the idea of using the CRPO Entry-to-Practice Competency Profile to develop both a self-reflective practice and a guide to professional development via clinical supervision.
By attending and participating in this workshop attendees will:

  1. Gain a deeper appreciation for and understanding of the CRPO’s Entry-to-Practice Competency Profile
  2. Establish / Reinforce the building blocks of a self-reflective psychotherapeutic practice
  3. Identify current areas of strength to be reinforced in conjunction with supervisor
  4. Identify areas of need to be addressed with current / future supervisor(s)
  5. Gain increased confidence as a developing psychotherapist to combat the silent imposter within

June 24 - Leveling Up Clinical Supervision: Meeting the Modern Needs of Emerging Therapists

Due to circumstances beyond our control, this workshop will no longer take place as planned. All other workshops are moving forward as scheduled. 

We are currently working on details regarding possible rescheduling of this workshop, the impact on your CECs, and any adjustments to registration fees. Those registrants who are impacted will be contacted shortly. 

June 25 - CRPO Clinical Supervision Updates
Alexandra Brennan
Tuesday June 25, 2024

Alexandra will provide an overview of CRPO supervision requirements and resources. She will also provide College updates related to clinical supervision, including the revised Professional Practice Standards and upcoming changes to the clinical supervisor definition in 2026.

June 27 - Building Community
Shawna Akerman
Thursday June 27, 2024
12:00-1:00 PM

Community networking is essential for success because it provides access to resources, fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing, enhances visibility and recognition, offers a support system, expands market reach, facilitates career advancement, keeps you informed, cultivates influence and leadership, and accumulates social capital. Investing time and effort in building and nurturing your community network can yield significant returns in both personal and professional endeavors.

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