Todd Simkover

M.A. in Critical Disability Studies, Dev

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Company: Autism Self-advocacy Services, Title: Autism Self-advocacy Coach , , CAREER STUFF:, Job selection, interview do's and don'ts, requesting accommodation, marketing yourself, , HIGHER EDUCATION:, Navigating post-secondary education systems and available support systems - i.e. program selection, application, process, obtaining accommodations, , SUPPORT & GETTING ASSESSED:, Information on obtaining an assessment - Where to go, how approach, etc., Locating available resources including additional professional assistance, funding, and referral to legal resources, , SELF-ADVOCACY EDUCATION, The art of disclosure, asserting your needs, and empowering literature from high profile individuals on the autism , spectrum, , PRESENTATIONS: , Delivery of presentations on autism self-advocacy, , ***EMPOWERING individuals on the autism spectrum to achieve personal and professional self-fulfillment***

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Toronto, ON, Canada

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