Simorrah Colaco



I graduated with a degree in Psychology from York University before pursuing my Masters of Science in Psychology in London, England. In the past I was the Clinic Service Coordinator and the Manager/Coordinator of the Psychology Department at a rehab centre and worked as Physician's assistant performing chronic pain assessments along with a Physiotherapist. I also worked as an Office Manager for two psychologists; aiding in student learning disability assessments. I perform CBT (cognitive behavioural technique), along with various other interventions, privately for patients in an array of emotional states and ages in an effort to reduce maladaptive thoughts to achieve overall balanced and positive mental wellness. My areas of interest include, but are not limited to, depression, anxiety, phobias (specifically driving phobias), relationship related concerns, general family counselling, and other individual specific areas of concern

Services Available

Anxiety, Depression, Diagnostic Assessment, Family, Financial Stress, LGBTQ2+, Sexuality, Sleep, Stress, Workplace Stress

Modality/Therapeutic Approach


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