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We all have experiences in our lives that stand in the way of our well-being. Instead of feeling good and moving powerfully in our lives all the time, we are stopped by experiences that generate anxiety, depression, grief, panic or other challenging states. Sometimes we feel so immersed in the struggle and suffering that we cannot see a way out., , Through a collaborative counselling relationship, I believe that we can learn to move through challenges in a in a way that doesn't feel so hard. We can do this by connecting with ourselves and the world in a more mindful and meaningful way. In my experience, establishing this connection shows us that it is possible for us to feel a sense of ease even in the face of adversity., , Our work together will involve creating a deeper connection with ourselves. We will experience what being mindful of our thoughts and emotions means and how it can help us. We will learn to create space between our self and our experience so that we can observe what it is happening more objectively. This will allow us to see our experience from multiple angles; and we learn to see it more clearly. When we have clarity, we have more choice. When we have choice, w

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