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As a career and executive coach and recruitment consultant for over 25 years I have worked with countless individual and corporate clients to help them realize their goals. , , As an Executive Coach, I work with high potential leaders preparing for broader responsibility and future progression. As a Career Coach, Ive helped countless individuals find career direction, land the right job, overcome uncertainty and re-launch their careers with renewed energy and confidence. As a Consultant I help organizations hire and promote the right people for key roles. , , My greatest satisfaction comes from seeing my clients achieve success on their own terms. I believe that self- awareness if the foundation of confidence and good choices and use assessments extensively to help clients learn about themselves and what sets them apart. While I focus on strengths I also encourage clients to set challenging goals which may require stepping out of their comfort zones. I know that the real blocks are often emotional and coach clients on stress management strategies to stay focused through challenging times.

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Oakville, ON, L6K 3C2

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