Claudine Wells

Registered Psychotherapist, Cert.Crim.,

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Claudine has many years of experience working in the area of education, human resources and administrative management. She has worn the hat of Director of Human Resources, Director of Student Support Services, educational consultant, principal, counsellor, therapist and teacher. Claudine has worked with professionals, paraprofessionals and parents in the development of educational and counselling programs for children/youth with exceptionalities/disabilities and who exhibit 'at-risk' behaviours. As a therapist, she has worked one-on-one with clients and as a director, she supervised and managed many professionals (educational psychologists, speech language pathologists, itinerant teachers for the visually impaired/blind and deaf/hard of hearing). She also has many years of directing employee relations and all other human resources/personnel issues utilizing the skills of negotiation and mediation. As an innovative leader, she has set up, organized, transformed and managed government systems (e.g. school districts). Claudine is now ready to provide you with the appropriate support that you need to ensure moving forward in the right direction at your optimum 'best'!

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Durham Corporate Centre, 105 Consumers Drive, Suite 303, Whitby, ON L1N 1C4

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