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Although compassion fatigue is sometimes called burnout, it is a slightly different concept. Unlike burnout, compassion fatigue is highly treatable and may be less predictable. The onset of compassion fatigue can be sudden, whereas burnout usually emerges over time. Having experienced and reserached compassion fatigue and overcoming it, I bring a unique perspective., I worked as a caseworker for several years while managing my mother who developed Alzheimer's disease at the age of 57. , Having a son of my own, I immediately became apart of the sandwich generation. It took a toll on me and I developed compassion fatigue., I have worked been a consultant for over 15 years. I am presently working on my doctorate and have written several journal articles on Living with Alzheimer's disease from the caregivers' perspective. I have spoken at 2 International conferences on living with the disease and caregiver distress., Brampton and surrounding areas

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Anger Management, Bereavement, Career Counselling, Depression, Life Skills, Relationships, Self Confidence, Stress, Workplace Stress

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)


Brampton, ON, Canada

Orangeville, ON, Canada

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