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I am a mature multifaceted psychotherapist coming from a diverse experiential background of fine arts, business, and agriculture. I am a trained Kryia Yoga instructor, Satyananda Ashram, and a Reiki practitioner. I have trained in Satir Family therapy, Alexander Technique, Energy Psychology (EdxTM), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Sexual Addiction with Patrick Carnes, Rogerian client-centered therapy, Chi Kong, and Art Therapy. I am a graduate of the Four Winds, Healing the Light Body School headed by Dr. Alberto Villoldo (author, Shaman, Healer Sage) and am a shamanic practitioner. I have extensive training and experience in Mindfulness, the practice of being here now in the present moment without judgment on purpose. My focus is Relationship as we are relational beings who become who we are depending on who we are with. I am trained by Dr. Stan Tatkin and his Psychobiological Appraoch to Couples Therapy., I am a trained MSC teacher and run groups on Mindful Self Compassion.

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86 Homewood Ave , Hamilton, ON and , Dundas, ON

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