Tifrah Warner

Event Speaker

Tifrah Warner


Tifrah Warner, Ph.D. has earned her doctorate in the area of Clinical Developmental Psychology in Canada. She has been practicing psychotherapy for over 30 years and taught psychology at York University for much of that time. Tifrah Warner’s Ph.D educational background includes psychology degrees from England and USA. Her earlier place of education, and birthplace, is Israel.

She specializes in fusing yoga, breathwork, and meditation with Milton H. Erickson’s approach. Her main area of interest is prevention of mental disorders and promotion of well-being.


Panel discussion: Caring for Ourselves so We Can Care Better for Others

Speakers: Cathy Gatlin, Raechel Pefanis, and Tifrah Warner

Let’s engage in conversation! We’ll address the need for mental health professionals to re-energize and re-connect so that we can safely and effectively help our clients in the aftermath of COVID 19.

Discovery and Exploration of Professional Roles

Speaker: Tifrah Warner, Ph.D.

Learning outcomes

  • Increase clarity of the roles one assumes while engaging with clients.
  • Increase clarity of the impact these roles have.
  • Expand the manner one plays a role.
  • Expand one’s flexibility in selecting different roles.
  • Promote gain in richness of expression at one’s work in the long term.


Because you may discover something new about the way you practice. This workshop is an opportunity to review your work from a different angle. You may become more aware of some of your strengths and perhaps new venues available to you.