Laure-Marie Carignan

Laure-Marie Carignan

Event Speaker

Laure-Marie Carignan


Laure-Marie has maintained a clinical practice for over 25 years. She also teaches at Saint-Paul University, where she provides theoretical and clinical intervention training in individual, couple, and family therapy. Inspired by her personal experience and fueled by her PhD research, Laure-Marie has been a passionate advocate of the neurodiversity movement for several years.


Autism Spectrum Conditions: Implications of Neurodiversity in Clinical Practice

Speaker: Laure-Marie Carignan, PhD, RP (CRPO), tcf/rcft and clinical trainer (OTSTCFQ)

Awareness of autism spectrum conditions, particularly at the high end of the spectrum, has increased significantly in recent years. Popularized in the media, yet not always well understood, this most recent frontier of the diversity movement has led to significant advances in our understanding of neurotypical bias and its implications in clinical settings.

This dynamic and very practical workshop aims to develop clinical competence in present and future psychotherapists who will most certainly encounter neurodiversity in their practice.

Participants will be equipped to recognize neurodiversity, an invisible diversity of which many clients themselves are unaware, often as a result of misdiagnosis or incomplete diagnosis.

Key Take-aways

Participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize neurodiversity in a therapeutic context
  2. Understand issues arising from neurodiversity and neurotypical bias in individual, couple, and family therapy
  3. Know how to talk about neurodiversity with clients, spouses, and family members (those who know, those who suspect, and those who seem unaware)