Dr. Keisha Greene

Event Speaker

Dr. Keisha Greene


Dr. Keisha Greene is a Registered Psychotherapist who has been a practicing clinician for 9 years, and approaches her work through an anti-oppressive, trauma informed, psychodynamic perspective.  Dr. Greene has many years of experience providing clinical care to racialized communities within a variety of settings.  In her work she holds an awareness of the differences that racialized individuals face in navigating their day-to-day experiences, particularly as it relates to how it can impact one’s mental health. 

Dr. Greene completed her MA in Counselling and Clinical Psychology at McGill University and recently completed her doctorate in Clinical and Counselling Psychology from the University of Toronto.  Her doctoral thesis entitled: “A Rough Road to the Stars”: Exploring Resilience Through Overcoming the Trauma of Anti-Black Racism”, explored how Black Canadians mediate the potential negative mental health effects (specifically racial stress and racial trauma) of Anti-Black Racism. 

Dr. Greene has experienced anti-Black racism both directly and indirectly and these experiences are what lay the foundation for her work in this area. 


Exploring Resilience through Overcoming the Trauma of Anti-Black Racism

Speaker: Dr. Keisha Greene, RP

Learning outcomes

  • Deepen understanding of the unique experience of Black Canadians and how that differs from the African American experience.
  • Be able to engage in open dialogue with clients about anti-Black racism and its impact (specifically racial trauma).
  • Understand the ways in which resilience/resistance can be created in client sessions as a way to mediate the impacts of racial trauma.


This workshop is also geared towards other medical health or front-line workers who provide services to Black identified individuals.

The impact of anti-Black racism is one that can have a profound impact on one’s mental health. This workshop is geared towards mental health professionals who have an interest in developing (or increasing) their competence in working with Black clients who want to process and work through the negative impacts of anti-Black racism.