Christina Crowe, H. BSc. MACP, RP, (Cert) OAMHP (she, her)

Event Speaker

Christina Crowe, H. BSc. MACP, RP, (Cert) OAMHP (she, her)


Christina manages a group practice, that in part, offers comprehensive and integrated services around the assessment, diagnosis, and long-term management of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Christina has developed a subspeciality in ADHD over the last 6 years, initially uncovering – largely by accident – a large cohort of undiagnosed youth and adults in her own private practice.

Christina has undertaken more training, developed her own ADHD online course, brought assessment services to her underserviced community and has sourced medical partnerships to deliver evidenced-based care for her clients. Throughout the pandemic, in addition to adapting therapeutic techniques to both be online, and meet the needs of this cohort, Christina dedicated her social media efforts to ADHD myth-busting and making accessible education available to an underserved audience.

Christina also offers clinical supervision to other private practice therapists who want to learn more about this underserved and invisible cohort in our private practices. As a member of the Advocacy committee at CADDRA (The Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance), Christina is committed to helping other mental health therapists in the community pull together the resources they need to learn about supporting one of the most gratifying client populations to serve in mental health.


ADHD for Therapists in the Community: Assessment, System Navigation & ADHD-Adapted Psychotherapy

Speaker: Christina Crowe, H. BSc. MACP, RP, (Cert) OAMHP (she, her)

80-90% of adults with Attention Hyperactivity Disorder are undiagnosed, and hiding in plain sight in our therapy offices. If you like mental health detective work, this workshop will outline what ADHD is, how it presents in the private practitioner’s office and why it is so important to uncover this lifespan mystery. Through use of real cases, we will connect the dots to understand appropriate opportunities for assessment, coordinate care with primary medical care and dramatically improve the quality of your client’s life and relationships. We will address issues across the lifespan, break down evidenced-based interventions and share all of our hard-won tips and clinical pearls (a.k.a. hacks).

Key Take-aways

  1. Describe what ADHD is, how it presents across the lifespan and the common presenting co-morbidities the community Psychotherapist will encounter.
  2. Describe the neurobiology of ADHD, how pharmacological interventions work and differ from other medications used in mental health, and describe non-pharmacological interventions.
  3. Describe the components of both adapting therapeutic modalities like CBT or DBT with an ADHD lens, and the components of executive dysfunction coaching.