Candice Miller-Hamilton

Event Speaker

Candice Miller-Hamilton


Candice Hamilton-Miller, RP, has worked in healthcare and social services for over 25 years. She is a psychotherapist, private practice owner, and supervisor, with degrees in Psychology, English, Early childhood Education, and Family Relations and Human Development. With advanced training in Solution-Focused therapy, Sex Therapy, Narrative Therapy, CBT, Grief work, and Play Therapy, Candice works with individuals of all ages, using an intentionally selective approach


Transference and Counter-transference: Indicators of issues or a therapist’s most valuable spider sense?

Speakers: Candice Hamilton-Miller, RP and Polina Fedotenko, RP

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the concepts and complexities of T&CT across therapeutic modalities
  • Understand the benefits and dangers of engaging with T&CT
  • Identify red flags of problematic T&CT
  • Using T&CT as a therapeutic tool
  • Ethical considerations of T&CT
  • Using T&CT for self reflection and bias identification


Transference and counter-transference are often spoken of as dangerous and raise ethical questions.

This workshop will help you to build a stronger understanding of the presence of transference and counter-transference, the intersection of personal and professional self awareness, and how to use this knowledge to enhance and protect your practice.

You will leave the workshop with concrete strategies to manage Transference and Counter Transference that will make you a more self aware and ethical practitioner.