2023 Conference Sponsors & Exhibitors

Thank you!

We deeply appreciate the generous support and commitment of the sponsors and exhibitors of the 2023 Conference.

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Platinum sponsor: McFarlan Rowlands


McFarlan-Rowlands is a Platinum sponsor of the 2023 Annual Conference.

OAMHP members are eligible to receive professional liability, home, auto & extended health with McFarlan Rowlands Insurance. Further advantages include no deductible and free legal advice.

Our representative, Paul Hancock, will be present at the Networking event on September 29 to answer any questions you have about liability insurance.

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Gold sponsor: Stepped Care Solutions / Wellness Together Canada

sm-WTC - English Logo - 4x5in

As a mental health consultancy, Stepped Care Solutions (WTC) brings information on resources and help available to support our clients. The website, Wellness Together Canada (http://www.wellnesstogether.ca) has access to counselor support and resources at no cost to Canadians home and abroad.

Stepped Care Solutions also, through Wellness Together Canada, provides support resource guides and help to mental health professionals, ensuring they are cared for as frontline workers. View Stepped Care Solutions' video here.

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Silver sponsor: Dalton Associates

Dalton Associates Mental Wellness Services - sm

Dalton Associates offers specialized and quality assured mental health services that are culturally sensitive, safe, accessible, and timely.

Its network of mental health clinicians provide such services as counselling services to the general public, psychological assessments, Indigenous mental wellness, and WSIB services. View Dalton Associates' video here.

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Silver sponsor: Leverage U / Anger Solutions

cropped - LeverageU logo

Anger Solutions / Leverage U offers print resources and therapist aids, book and therapy tools relevant for anger resolution, emotional regulation and relationship counseling.

They also offer training opportunities for therapists to wish to increase their competency in working with angry or emotionally dysregulated clients. View Anger Solutions' video here.

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Silver sponsor: Sunshine Coast Health

Sunshine Coast Logo2

Personalized Mental Health and Addiction Treatment
Drug Rehab | Alcohol Treatment | PTSD and Trauma

Sunshine Coast Health’s men’s programs bring together the collective expertise of highly-trained professionals to provide evidence-based treatment for high-functioning and motivated men struggling with their mental health.

Georgia Strait Women’s Clinic provides 24-hour medical care, psychiatry, psychology, nutrition and fitness support, specialized bodywork, and a host of other services. This clinic is the only women’s-only facility of its kind in Canada and brings together the collective expertise of highly-trained, experienced professionals to provide treatment for high-functioning and motivated women struggling with their mental health.

Sunshine Coast Health Centre:
Website | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

Georgia Strait Women's Clinic:
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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Silver sponsor: Simcoe Rehab

sm-Simcoe Rehab logo

Simcoe Rehab is a private addiction and mental health resource centre.

Simcoe Rehab provides compassionate evidence-based services for those coping with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. Additionally, we provide inpatient treatment programs and single therapy services for mental health concerns such as Depression, Anxiety, BPD, OCD and more.

Our treatment and recovery plans include working with clients and their families to design a client-specific post-treatment plan, ensuring clients have both the skillset and support to remain healthy after treatment. Our emphasis on continuous care management ensures that clients have easy access to the necessary resources to maintain sobriety. View Simcoe Rehab's video here.

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TheraPsil Transparent Logo

As Canada's leading psychedelic training and advocacy organization, TheraPsil has successfully trained over 500 health care professionals in how to safely guide patients through this transformative therapy.


sm - ShineOn_stacked_red logo

YMCA-YSAP will be present at the Networking event on September 29 to provide information on their youth counselling program, which practices from a harm reduction philosophy. Their services are free and confidential, with counselors available to support youth with substance abuse issues.


SafeGuards Logo-sm

SafeGuards provides training and support to vulnerable youth children and adults. Across Ontario the organization provides in- person and online training in open enrollment and customized in service sessions, as well as asynchronous respite certificate courses.

Currently SafeGuards delivers around 80 training sessions a year to over 4,000 participants with a focus on trauma informed practice assessment, treatment and supports related to abuse trauma and the effects of trauma (mental health issues, self harm, suicide, substance use, trafficking, etc), as well as issues related to racial and gender diversity.



The Mennonite New Life Centre will share information and resources about their Bridge to Registration and Employment in Mental Health (BREM) program.


JACS Toronto

JACS Toronto is a non-profit organization that works with individuals, families and communities to provide services such as counselling, education programs, outreach initiatives and more.


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CTRI’s Clinical Director Joddie Walker, MSC, RP, will be present at the Conference during the Networking event.

As an expert on trauma and counselling, Joddie Walker will be demonstrating Lego therapy and will have a number of lego kits with her.

CTRI provides training (in-person and online), in the areas of trauma, mental health, counselling skills, and violence prevention. Their topics are also pre-approved by OAMHP for Continuing Education Credits.

OAMHP members receive a 15% discount on all public workshop, and live virtual workshops. Visit the member portal for details.


sm-NondualPerspectives logo

Nondual Perspectives’ exhibit will show the results of applying prevention oriented educational programs to mental health and psychological safety. It is based on the science of consciousness and the paradigm of integral health, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of being.



sm2-Logo Leader Frames.



Leader Frames is a Canadian manufacturer of certificate and portrait frames located in Toronto, Ontario. The frames that we produce are designed to meet the specifications of our customers and many, such as the OAMHP, carry their branding.

All materials used in the production of our frames are fully recyclable. Leaders metal frames are architectural grade aluminum with anodised finishes and are lead/toxin free. All paper materials used are acid free, and as with our wood frames, must be certified as being from managed forests, ethically harvested and sustainable.

Leader Frames is donating two frames to the Conference.

OAMHP members get a discount on frames - visit the Member portal for details.

GoodLife Fitness logo - 120

GoodLife Fitness (virtual swag bag)


OAMHP recognizes the importance of physical health in contributing to overall mental wellness.

In keeping with the Conference's focus on self care, GoodLife Fitness will provide conference attendees with a 1 day trial pass.

OAMHP members also get a 20% discount on all membership types at GoodLife Fitness. Visit the member portal for details.


Everyday Heroes Kids


Finding the right healthcare professional at the right time for a child can be life changing...

Everyday Heroes Kids (EHK) offers a free platform that helps you connect with experienced professionals and organizations. It is easy, economical, and effective! EHK offers the resources parents and caregivers can trust. Families save time, money and stress while searching for the supports that can have a lasting impact on their children.

Conference attendees will receive (in their gift bag) an iSpy card, which can be used to help distract patients who are having medical tests done. It also contains links to Upopolis (a free online community that connects youth 10 to 18 with others who are going through medical experiences), and Umind (resources for mental health professionals who support youth and families living with mental health issues).


Refer to Me (virtual swag bag)


Refer To Me was created for Canadian health professionals like you who are looking to grow their practices and/or to find others to refer to.

As an exclusive offer, Refer to Me is offering conference attendees a FREE lifetime membership on the platform.

OAMHP members also receive a discount on ReferToMe membership. Visit the Member portal for details.

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Gift bag sponsors

Lynn McLaughlin’s mission is to give children tools they can use for life at a young age. She and her partner have co-authored a children’s book series called, “The Power of Thought.”

This five book series teaches specific evidence based strategies in an entertaining and engaging way. It is geared towards teaching adults, as well as children who are learning to understand and manage their own emotions.


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Bridging with Support (BWS) will inform mental health professionals about its financially accessible services.

Attendees will learn about volunteer opportunities with BWS, which provides experience on working with minority groups (LGBTQIA+, people of color and indigenous populations).


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