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Deciding to seek support is not always easy. Typically it's made when a conflict gets to the point where it can no longer be managed alone. Once the decision has been made, there can be fear or unease around talking about vulnerable emotions or life situations. I recognizes the courage that it takes to reach out for help, and endeavour to work from a framework of empowerment so clients can uncover their inherent strengths and abilities. Solutions to our troubles often lie within, however the journey to uncovering these is one that many people struggle to walk alone. , , I have many years of experience working with clients facing issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, life transitions and relationship challenges. I've worked the LGBTQ community and those navigating an HIV diagnosis, I am sensitive to my client's unique experiences, and work from an anti-oppressive framework. , , As a highly intuitive counselor I work to make clients feel at ease. Through listening attentively, without judgement, I will connect what clients are saying with how they are feeling. A sense of humour is an essential part of life and I endeavours to bring laughter into sessions whenever appropriate.

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179 Carlton St , Toronto, Ontario Canada M5A 2K3

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